Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roundup for June 5: Grimes, Reid raise money; PAC for McConnell sends another military-women mailer; Grimes makes counter-offer on debates

A high-profile event and two pieces of print advertising are among today's news:
  • Alison Lundergan Grimes attended a fund-raiser with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Washington this morning, prompting criticism from Mitch McConnell's campaign. The fund-raiser was held less than 24 hours after Reid blocked McConnell's bill to put hurdles in front of the proposed carbon-dioxide rules the Obama administration announced three days ago.
  • McConnell asked the Environmental Protection Agency to hold a hearing in Eastern Kentucky on its proposed carbon-dioxide regulations, which the agency declined to do as it was drafting the regulations.
  • The initial version of Grimes's newspaper ad about coal featured a European male model posing as a miner, James Hohmann reports for Politico. Grimes's campaign says it replaced the photo before the ad was printed, but it didn't notify its media list. The revised version appears here; for the original version, click here.
  • A political action committee supporting McConnell, the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, sent its second mail piece promoting the senator's efforts to help women in the military, indicating the importance of female voters to the race. The first one was sent after the May primary. For a black-and-white version of the latest full-color mailer, click here.
  • Grimes made a counter-offer to McConnell's debate plan, saying debates should be held before and after Labor Day, with citizens asking questions; and accepting KET's proposed forum on Oct. 13.

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