Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Race is latest battle in 'long running Mafia war' between parties in Senate, Post reporter writes

Sen. Mitch McConnell's fight for re-election is part of his continuing fight with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, which began when Republicans targeted then-majority leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota in 2004, Paul Kane reports for The Washington Post.

"The targeting of Senate party leaders has come to resemble a long-running Mafia war in which rival families are constantly trying to take out the other’s don," Kane writes. "McConnell’s 2014 race marks the fourth time in the past six elections in which a Senate leader is battling for survival, and Reid would make it five elections out of seven should he run again."

The battle has an impact on Senate business, Kane notes: "In June and July, the legislative agenda ground to a halt in the Senate as McConnell repeatedly tried to attach a pro-coal amendment to any bill that moved, forcing Reid to not move any bills that would force vulnerable Democrats from casting a tough vote. Reid is also determined to deny McConnell any victory that would help his reelection effort."

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