Thursday, October 2, 2014

McConnell ad faults Grimes's accuracy and attendance, but subtly misleads about his own attendance

Catching up with events as best we can  . . .
  • Sen. Mitch McConnell is running a 60-second radio commercial saying Alison Lundergan Grimes has gotten more bad marks from fact-checkers than any other candidate this year, and "The funny thing is, Grimes distorts most on issues where she's most vulnerable." It notes her absences from work as secretary of state and McConnell's 99 percent attendance record, but that record is for floor votes, and Grimes has criticized McConnell for missing 93 percent of committee meetings in the past five years. Those ads, to which McConnell is effectively replying with this one, have drawn little fire from fact-checkers; this one may draw more.
  • A post on Grimes's Facebook page announced, "A new poll from one of the nation's most accurate pollsters shows Alison leading," but the pollster is her own. Sam Youngman of the Lexington Herald-Leader has a story about it; we're hoping one of the students in the University of Kentucky journalism class that is partially responsible for maintaining this blog will write more about it by this time tomorrow. There's plenty to say. (Facebook image)
  • "McConnell and Grimes have designed their campaigns to perpetuate the coal mythology, rather than address the most pressing needs of communities like Clay County," Luke Mullins reports for Yahoo! News. "Kentucky's economy is not nearly as dependent upon coal as McConnell's and Grimes's campaign ads suggest."

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