Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Senate race roundup for Wednesday, May 14

Items that caught our Senate-race eye today:
  • The Courier-Journal print edition is led with a billboard-type story referring to a USA Today piece in that paper's C-J section about "dark money," from groups that don't have to disclose their contributors, playing a much larger role than ever in elections. It cites the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's TV ads for Mitch McConnell.
  • We have long known Elaine Chao as an appealing, energetic and tough campaigner, and Jason Horowitz of The New York Times has a well-done profile of her today.
  • The C-J has a letter from one Hunter Bates of Prospect saying Matt Bevin "has lost the respect of many people, like myself, who thought he was an honest man." Bates is not identified as a lobbyist or former top aide to McConnell, who ran for lieutenant governor with Ernie Fletcher in 2003 until his Kentucky residency was questioned.
  • Catching up: The Cincinnati Enquirer picks up Sunday's C-J story by Washington correspondent Jim Carroll saying "McConnell steadily has drifted more to the political right every session since he first came to the Senate in 1984, according to a statistical analysis of his votes as part of ongoing research project by political scientists at several universities."

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